Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings

Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings: History repeats itself, they say. We have a lot to do to make sure we’re on the right side of it after Election Day 2021. For fans or skeptics of Ben Shapiro, this collection of columns is essential. Over the past few years, he offers a sharp and insightful reflection on American politics and culture. The nation is in trouble due to elites who won’t put down their soapboxes, the left’s “thought fascism,” and the rampant media. Conservatism will get what it deserves if it doesn’t act fast . . .


Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings 2022

It is a collection of columns written by Ben Shapiro under the title “Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings”. These columns cover Donald Trump’s campaign, election, and presidency between 2016 and 2019. Readers on either side of the political aisle will enjoy reading the book’s ten chapters, which range from religion to government to the First Amendment to other compelling topics.

“Facts don’t care about your feelings” is a catchphrase most commonly associated with Ben Shapiro and conservative politics in the U.S. Since Shapiro first used the phrase in 2016, it has been referenced in multiple memes, copypastes and quotes.

Ben Shapiro appeared on Dr. Drew on Call on July 17th, 2015 to discuss Caitlyn Jenner, who at that time had recently come out as transgender. Shapiro was criticized by others on the panel for not using Jenner’s personal pronouns. After HLN published the video (shown below), he said, “Forget about disrespect: facts don’t care about your feelings.” The clip has received more than 8.2 million views on YouTube. This is the earliest known instance of Shapiro using the phrase.




The earliest known use of the phrase “facts don’t care about your feelings” by Ben Shapiro online occurred on February 5th, 2016, when he tweeted it on his Twitter[1] account. The post (shown below) received over 135,000 retweets and 390,000 likes in over four years.

Ben Shapiro @benshapiro Facts don't care about your feelings. 10:03 AM · Feb 5, 2016 · Twitter Web Client 135.5K Retweets 10K Quote Tweets 393.2K Likes Text Font

On February 17th, 2019, RedditorDreamare posted a copypasta including the quote (shown below) under the title “orange man rad,” accumulating over 4,000 upvotes and 107 comments in six months.

“B-but MAGAman,” he says, “orange man has done some pretty unrad things. Here’s a list.” I cut him off. After being cucked for the 5th consecutive time this week, the libtard is clearly delusional. When he hands me the list, I crumple it into a paper ball and eat it. He stares into my eyes the entire time, and he is too petrified to look away. Putting my mouth to his ear, I whisper, “shut up libtard, facts don’t care about your feelings.”

In roughly two years, the Instagram account theprequelmemes posted another meme referencing the quote in relation to Star Wars (see below, left), garnering over 18,000 likes. Patton Oswalt posted a Twitter screenshot to his Instagram using the phrase (see below, right) on June 8th, 2020, receiving over 27,000 likes in around three months.


"I felt that The Last Jedi was way better than the prequels lol." PREQUEL AUDIENCE SCORE 65% AUDIENCE SCORE 45% STAR Facts don't care about your feelings Text
 The Volatile Mermaid VOTE @OhNoSheTwitnt "Alexa, play white noise." Alexa: Facts don't care about your feelings. All Lives Matter. Blue lives matter. Stop making this about race. Just cooperate with police and you'll be fine. I demand to speak to your manager. I'm not racist, but... 08:22 5/29/20 · Twitter for iPhone Text Font Organism




On September 18th, 2020, Twitter user JohnSwanYT tweeted a joke referencing the catchphrase that said, “I call that girl facts because she don’t care about your feelings” (shown below), accumulating 222 likes in four days.

John Swan @JohnSwanYT I all that girl facts because she don't care about your feelings 5:14 PM · Sep 18, 2020 Text Font Line Logo


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