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Computers are a critical part of our daily lives. In the last two decades, computers have revolutionized business, relationships, and shopping, and given rise to a whole new era of marketing and connection. By now, you probably know a computer is an incredible machine, but did you know just how amazing? Here’s a list of the top computer facts you might not know:

1. The First Computer Weighed More Than 27 Tons

Her name was ENIAC, and she took up a modest 1800 square feet of space.

2. About 90% of the World’s Currency Only Exists on Computers

This means only about 10% of the global currency is actually cash.

3. The First Computer Mouse was Made of Wood

Doug Engelbart invented it in 1964.

4. About 70% of Virus Engineers Work for Organized Crime Syndicates

This gives new weight to the importance of anti-virus and anti-malware software, and excellent virus removal services.

5. The First Known Computer Programmer was a Woman

Her name was Ada Lovelace, and she lived in England, where she worked as a mathematician and writer. She is famous for working on the “Analytical Engine.”

6. Some of the Biggest Computer Brands Started in Garages

This is true for Apple, Microsoft, and HP.

7. People Blink Less When They Use Computers

While the average person blinks about 20 times a minute under normal circumstances, people on computers only blink about seven times a minute.

8. Hackers Write About 6,000 New Viruses Each Month

These viruses are designed to target a wide selection of operating systems, so learning to avoid viruses and malware is essential!

9. More Than 80% of Daily Emails in the U.S. are Spam

To keep your data safe, delete these emails immediately and don’t click any links or attachments they might contain.

10. MyDoom is the Most Expensive Computer Virus in History

The virus cost an estimated $38.5 billion in damage and came about in January of 2006. Shortly after that, it earned a name for itself as the fastest-spreading virus ever.

11. The Parts for the Modern Computer Were First Invented in 1833

A man named Charles Babbage put them together, but the first modern computer came about 120 years later.

12. The First Gigabyte Drive Cost $40,000

It was released in 1980 and weighed 550 lbs. How’s that for a portable drive?

13. The Case of the First Macintosh Computer Includes 47 Signatures

On the inside of the device, Macintosh’s entire 1982 division signed the case.

14. The Worst U.S. Security Breach of All Time Happened Because of a USB Stick

Someone found the stick (which a foreign intelligence agency infected) in a parking lot and plugged it into their computer. The computer had links to the U.S. Central Command. The attack happened in 2008 and resulted in the theft of thousands of classified and unclassified documents. The Pentagon spent about 14 months cleaning up the damage from the worm.

15. A Single Computer Catches 50% of all Wikipedia Vandalism

This computer has a 90% accuracy rate.

16. Computers Sort 95% of Mail

The U.S. Postal Service still hires individual employees to sort through addresses that are too sloppy for computers to make sense of.

17. MIT Has Computers That can Detect Fake Smiles

These computers can tell between genuine smiles and frustrated smiles.

18. Computers Might Soon be Able to Tell What Dogs Think

These computers are under development by a Scandinavian company. A prototype is purported to be available.

19. Russia Engineered a Computer That Ran on Water

The computer was built in 1936 and was meant to solve partial differential equations.

20. Disney Fired John Lasseter for Pushing Computer Animation

He’s now the CCO of Pixar.

More Top Facts about Computers

1. The first modern computer was massive

There are arguments over what the first computer was. Some people say it was an abacus which is a counting device that has been used for centuries.

However the first modern computers were electronic calculating machines and were developed during the Second World War.

One computer would take up rooms and parts of the computers were put on wheels because they were so big.

2. The first modern computer was basically a giant calculator

Even though the first modern computer was massive it could actually only do 4 things. Add, subtract, multiply and divide.

Can you believe that now we have calculators on our phones when once upon a time a calculator would take up a room the size of a school hall.

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3. Computers work through special instructions called algorithms

Computers work by following instructions. These instructions are called algorithms.

Computers don’t have common sense so algorithms have to be really clear for them to understand. If there is even a small mistake in an algorithm then the computer won’t be able to complete a task.

Ada Lovelace invented the first computer algorithms.

4. Phones are computers

We use computers everyday without even knowing it. Lots of things we call by other names are types of computers.

For example mobile phones, tablets, smart speakers, laptops and games consoles are all examples of computers.

5. A computers memory is called RAM

RAM stands for Random Access Memory and is its short term memory. Without it the computer wouldn’t be able to do anything from opening files to streaming a video.

6. Over 6,000 computer viruses are released each month.

Computers are always a risk of getting a computer virus that makes them shut down or run slow. That’s why it’s important your computer has anti-virus software on it.

7. It’s important to take breaks when using a computer to look after your eyes

Computers have very bright screens so it’s important to take breaks around every 20 minutes to look after your eyes.

Every 20 minutes look away from the screen and look to something at least 10 metres away – this is like doing an exercise for your eyes.

8. The first Apple computer was made from free items collected from Apple staff

The first Apple computer ever made by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak was made from old parts they collected for free from their staff.

9. You can spell the word typewriter using the top line of letters on a computer’s keyboard

We bet you’re trying it now! Stewardesses’ is also the longest word you can type with one hand.

10. When you work on a computer your hands travel 20 kilometres a day!

If your parents work on a computer you can tell them this amazing fact.


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