Trees used in Making Violin Endangered

The violin is a wooden String Instrument,which produces high melodic pitch pleasant to the ear for lovers of music.Producing a high-quality violin bows, a special kind of wood is needed—but this wood is becoming scarce,” notes the German science magazine natur & kosmos. The tree producing this wood is the Caesalpinia echinata, also known as the Pernambuco or pau brasil. Its natural habitat is the coastal forest of Brazil. But this forest is shrinking fast as land is being cleared for agricultural purposes. The trees now cover only 4 percent of their original area and are on the list of endangered species. Moreover, only trees that are 20 years old or more develop the yellow or red-brown heartwood that is suitable for bowmaking.  According to master bowmaker Thomas Gerbeth, no comparable substitute exists, as “synthetic material has not yet reached this level of refined quality.” Bowmakers and musicians alike are now promoting the conservation of“violin tree.” and so should every lover of good music.

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