Pillows Major Cause of Allergies

Pillows Major Cause of Allergies 

Clean pillow cases may be “wrapping up something really nasty,” says Art Tucker, principal clinical scientist at St. Barts Hospital, London. The Times of London, which reported on his research, states that after two years’ use, more than one third of a pillow’s weight is “made up of living and dead dust mites, dust mite faeces, dead skin and bacteria.” Pillows are good incubators for allergens, germs, and mites. A solution? “Mites . . . dry out and die when exposed to sunlight,” says The Times, “meaning the old fashioned practice of airing bedding helps control mites.” Soaps do not kill mites, but washing pillows at more than 60 degrees Celsius [140 degrees Fahrenheit] will do so, and will rinse most of them out.

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