Main Causes of Childbirth Problems

Main Causes of Childbirth Problems

Main cause of childbirth problems for both mother and baby is lack of good care during pregnancy. Dr. Cheung Kam-lau, consultant pediatrician for the neonatal care unit of Prince of Wales Hospital in Hong Kong, says that “having no prenatal care can put pregnancies in high risk.” He also states that “most of these mothers expect healthy, chubby babies, but things just don’t always happen ideally.”

Regarding the problems that can affect mothers, the Journal of the American Medical Women’s Association states that “the major direct causes of maternal mortality” are excessive bleeding, obstructed labor, infection, and abnormally high blood pressure. Effective treatments are well-known, however, and in most cases “modern medical care . . . does not require highly technical interventions,” the journal adds.

Readily available care could also help many babies. The UN Chronicle reports that “two thirds of newborn deaths could be prevented if all mothers and newborns” obtained medical treatment that is “well-known, feasible and deliverable without complex technology.” Sadly, though, the lack of knowledge and the laxity in prenatal care on the part of mothers is all too common, reports the Philippines News Agency.

Optimal Prenatal Care for Mother and Baby

“Healthier mothers have healthier babies,” says the UN Chronicle. It also observes that when a woman gets inadequate medical care or none at all during pregnancy, childbirth, and the period thereafter, her baby also receives little or no medical care.

In some lands it may be difficult for a pregnant woman to get adequate care. Perhaps she has far to travel, or she may be unable to cover medical costs. Still, if at all possible, an expectant mother should try to get at least some professional prenatal care.

Does adequate care mean seeing a doctor every week? No, not necessarily. In regard to certain common complications that arise during pregnancy and childbirth, the World Health Organization (WHO) “found that women who visited their doctors only four times during their pregnancy” enjoyed results that “were comparable to those who had 12 or more visits.”

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