High-Tech Submarine Drug Smugglers

High-Tech Submarine Drug Smugglers

In the past, Colombian drug smugglers have concealed their wares in passenger planes and ships. Recently, however, authorities were amazed to find that smugglers were building a high-tech, double-hulled submarine, measuring more than 11 feet [3 m] in diameter, which was capable of holding about 200 tons of cocaine. Suspicious residents nearby led police to “a warehouse outside Bogotá, 7,500 feet [2,300 m] up in the Andes and 210 miles [300 km] from any port,” says The New York Times. “The 100-foot [30 m]vessel could have crossed an ocean, surfaced off Miami or other coastal cities and surreptitiously unloaded its drug cargo.” Though no one was at the site or was arrested, Russian and American criminals are thought to be involved, including a skilled submarine engineer. Semitrailers could have transported the submarine to the coast in three sections, officials said. They marveled at the lengths to which the drug traffickers would go to export their products.

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