BIrd Record Nonstop Flight

BIrd Record Nonstop Flight

Scientists at the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) have reported “the longest non-stop flight recorded for a land bird.” A number of bar-tailed godwits were tracked by satellite as they made their annual migration over the Pacific Ocean. One female made an eight-day, 7,242-mile [11,650-kilometer] nonstop flight from Alaska to New Zealand. By the time it arrived, it had “burned off half of its 1.5-pound [700g] weight,” says the magazine The Week. On their return journey, the godwits fly from New Zealand to China and then back to Alaska—a round trip of 18,000 miles. “If 18,000 miles [29,000 km] is an average annual flight distance,” says the USGS, “then an adult godwit would fly some 288,000 miles [463,000 km] in a lifetime.”

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